Luka Doncic getting more All-Star votes than Steph is ‘disrespectful’ – Tracy McGrady | The Jump

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Luka Doncic getting more All-Star votes than Steph is ‘disrespectful’ – Tracy McGrady | The Jump


  1. doncic has more vote than steph because all european country voted him.ahaha

  2. Media loves him cus hes white

  3. Luka is the Great White Hope candidate. But whatever, that will most likely never change. Still, for him to be voted ahead of Curry really is disrespectful.

  4. Wtf how is that disrespectful stoopid

  5. Overlooking a prospect because he is not American is disrespectful, the voting is a reflection of the treatment that the media gave to Doncic, now you should swallow that shit

  6. I’m perfectly fine with luka and rose in who cares if who has more votes. We get to watch who we want.

  7. So Blake can make allstar in his rookie season but luka cant guess it must be race thing

  8. Tracy McGrady needs to shut the fuck up honestly. He talks like he is a top 10 player of all time. He surely had the potential to be one of the best of all time but he wasn’t and he needs to stop acting like it.

  9. Idk guess the definition of all star changed but still at least we get to see some fun shit during the break


  11. I wish Steven Adams can be in the All-Star game.

  12. Tracey knows what’s up!

  13. *and racist

  14. Its no disrespect….it only shows appreciation to the rookie’s success…

  15. It’s irrelevant because Luka is listed at forward.

  16. The fans make the league possible.

  17. I dont understand how its disrespectful when fans are voting maybe there just tired of seeming the same wack ass all star game

  18. Doncic has Europe behind him!

  19. most entertaining players

    1) irving
    2) doncic
    3) giannis

  20. Bs if they don’t let rose play smh

  21. all star is a fan service event. thats it tracy ! you being a hof is disrespectful to player who excell in the playoffs and advance far enough. the only time your team advance you got injured and a bench warmer in SAS.

  22. Why no James harden? Am I the only one who wants to watch someone travel and shoot free throws the entire game?

  23. “Luca Donkitch”

  24. People have forgotten about Yao Ming… He had all of China Voting for him… And this draft is stupid for an All Star game no one cares about watching…

  25. Its whole of europe voting for luka while americans vote for curry

  26. let me tell you whats disrespectful… VC, Dwade & Dirk are all most likely in their final yrs… The two black american born players both getting top 10 in voted when neither should get to go! When Dirk who is better than both doesn’t get any votes! None of them deserve to go based on stats… Yet if VC, Wade are getting votes mostly from just pure fan respect… Then not giving it to Dirk is disrespectful!

    Also give Luka KD & Klay Thompson & Luka would kick Curry’s ass!

  27. What’s unfair is the usual all stars get voted even though they don’t have all star numbers, while the deserving ones get snubbed or settle for reserve spots. Look at dwade ahead of oladipo.

  28. Fans and the players will back Up rose but not the media , The fans and the media will back up Luka but not the players smh they both deserve to be all stars this year maybe not as starters but the acknowledgement is well deserved for both players.

  29. Having wade in there is disrespectful idc if he’s a legend . If that’s the case let’s put dirk in there as well he’s a legend himself

  30. Look at LeBron’s fan numbers. GEE, I WONDER WHY THE MEDIA NEVER STOPS TALKING ABOUT LEBRON. I WONDER IF ITS TO GENERATE RATINGS. you people are so fucking stupid complaining about LeBron videos that YOU YOURSELF CLICKED ON.. dumb fucks

  31. Tracy being a hof is disrespectful ,yeah I said it !

  32. Why are we making all star game about sentiment and hype. Shit is dumb af

  33. Im surprised Jeremy Lin wasnt the highest vote getter

  34. I think because steph has clay, draymond and KD so i also dont see steph that special. If steph want to be special have a team like luka with nobody and see how good is steph is.

  35. Let’s be real: it’s because Doncic is white.

  36. Luka deserves it.

  37. Fans pay nba players so stop crying tracy!

  38. Doncic is playing great, but the hype is far outstripping how good he is actually playing. 20/6/5 on 43% shooting is not All-Star level production. And for him to be ahead of Steph, Durant, Harden, Davis and Westbrook is pure insanity.

  39. Was Yoa Ming getting more votes than Shaq every year also disrespectful?

  40. Dondic is one of the five players most covered in the press, how is he not an All Star??? He is!!! (forgive my English, I am not a native speaker)All Star dpes not equal All NBA, it is about who fans want to see, not who has the best season… how can you not consider Luka????????and D Wade?, this is the last chance to thank him for years of highlights and greatness, D Wade man!!!  best top 3 SG of all time, respect!!!

  41. T-Mac just a hater

  42. It’s not disrespectful at all.

  43. Watch out alot of black players will hate luka

  44. its unfair to buy a ticket worth 1k-3k just to watch james harden doing his 20-25 freethrow

  45. You are not an all star if your team has a losing record…….. I don’t reward losing….

  46. Tired of the same muthafuckas on there every year

  47. now you all know how the zaza in gsw nba allstar vote felt before. but this time, warriors seems to be the victim. what comes around goes around.. however, zaza and luka are not comparable. luka definitely got skills. # realtalk

  48. Doncic is popular because he’s white. No one is willing to say that but it’s obvious. The guy has the 3rd most votes in the NBA. You don’t get that just from being the best rookie on a 13th place team.

  49. Rachel is slowly becoming like Molly . Unwatchable . It’s either do your job and shut up or get back to the kitchen


  51. Classic racist negro.

  52. People change up not to mention seem like Luka is an exciting player

  53. The draft will be far more entertaining than the actual game. Don’t even need to have a game ha. Just have a draft and call it a day. The game is always trash

  54. He has more votes because he’s white and an above average player.

  55. Anything white will get hyped up through the roof in white America …you know this mannnn

  56. Trust me there alot of gay racist fans that love a dick in the butt hole.

  57. People in the comments sound slow asf Luka nice and one of the most sensational rookies in a long time. But come on James Harden and KD not being on this list over him and rose is ridiculous James is having one of the best seasons in nba history is the standing mvp going for a second and KD is a two time finals MVP and a regular season mvp. Not to mention the rest of the overwhelming talent in the nba. It’s the euro popularity vote that’s earning him in not his skill set over the others mentioned and D rose is a feel good story.

  58. Tracy McGrady is an idiot. Simple as that.

  59. I think it’s disrespectful Bradley Beal is not starting. John wall goes out and he balls out of his mind. Stays healthy. Stays productive and his team plays better behind his leadership. Snubbed.

  60. Put this dude (Curry) on the Cavs or the Bulls and he MIGHT score 20 a game and that’ll be from the free throw line! All you gotta do is touch him up a bit and he crumbles! Yall know it!


  62. Not having Anthony Davis as a starter is a joke

  63. Tracy stfu

  64. We the fans get bored seeing 30foot 3s and also his team is over powering . so yeah we want new ppl

  65. Its a fan vote . You cant say its disrespectful when you leave the votes to the fans. You can be like ” oh you guys can vote to ” and then be like ” you should vote this way”

  66. But he is playing in Europe… Oh wait…

  67. That kid ain’t playing in all star
    Mark my words!!

  68. How is that disrespectful?! This is the dumbest person I’ve ever seen or hurt of Tracy headass

  69. dont listen to those fools.. Luka should be on the first place over lebron. lets go vote for luka # lukaEveryDay

  70. Y’all mayo warriors are real interesting boy.. y’all will die for a slightly above average mayo player…his numbers are inflated on a team with no star but he is second on West all Star over harden and kd and Klay? Hating ass mayo..

  71. I like how dude slick threw shade at Derrick rose like dude stfu rose playing insane rn you mad cuz niggas don’t like bandwagons like kd

  72. These fans dumb af
    The voting should be 25% fans
    25% players50% coaches.

  73. It’s cool when old ass D Wade gets in but everyone is up in arms when Luka gets some votes

  74. Come on guys, it’s a popularity vote, nothing more nothing less, it doesn’t make luka better than kd, harden, pg, steph etc. Do you think green was a legit all star from 2015-2017 no he aint, it just because of the fans

  75. Wade?? Rose??? Lonzo?? Cousins??? Green?? Booker?? LIn??? Dragic??? Vince Carter???? So they are all AllStars but Luka isnt, because he is “rookie? because he is ??? White ? Gtfo

  76. Nikola should be there

  77. this old folks who wasn’t all stars in their rookie seasons are starting to hate Luca really hard now

  78. He does not deserve it. Luka is just small.

  79. If you don’t want players/legends making it in their last year based off of legend status then you should put a spot in for legends. I hope Dirk makes it too.

  80. Harden?

  81. i dont get it why is it disrespectful? its fans who want to watch him,whats the problem man?

  82. #RespectFanVote

  83. Curry its like girl after making shot he like bitch shows it.. real men keep it simple.. girls like him dance after making that for what he gets paid … Im better watch real men playing in Eurolegue, then girls in NBA dancing shaking 😀

  84. The NBA All-Star is trash anyway. It’s all about the skills competition.

  85. He is only getting a lot of votes because he has a lot of dickriding fans.

  86. Wait he is from Europe so he should not be in All-Star game,shut up please let the time speaks for itself.
    Luka is going to be All-Star starter!

  87. This is why when bums like Skip make arguments about having X all-star on your team, it’s dumb.

    Not to say Doncic isn’t an all-star, but no one believes he’s better than Steph Curry. therefore the argument about all-stars being a factor in how good a team is is a silly one.

  88. The amount of people in the comments that say Lucas Eourpean are the problem. They thought they were voting for a white guy. Dumb asses. I’m sure my boi Luca appreciate the stupidity.

  89. Luka Donkey got all the votes cause nobody likes the warriors and Curry for speaking out against the President and following the democrats blindly and saying a lot stupid stuff publicly. The public doesnt like them.

  90. Get over it

  91. You wanna know whats disrespectful?. Jokic so low in the voting. He should be number 3 or 4 in the list

  92. Cuz he’s white or what y’all mad ?

    • NBA needs more diversity.

  93. This kid is amazing, rookie or not he deserves to be an all star.

  94. average numbers? he averaging over 20 points per game as a rookie, his stats better than Jame lebrons stats when he was a rookie

  95. That dude Luka deserves it anyways.