NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers, Thunder, Bucks Among Teams That Could Be Buyers At The Trade Deadline

Sacramento Kings

NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers, Thunder, Bucks Among Teams That Could Be Buyers At The Trade Deadline


  1. 1st

  2. Bucks or Lakers <<< better chance to land Anthony Davis?

    • 10:00 Not anymore

    • Nope

    • Bucks

    • Lakers

  3. I want to see A.D. in Laker land. I DON’T wanna see them give away our entire young core. Plus two 1st rounders? Negative…

    • I feel like ad would stay in the town he traded to.

    • +bob brown Hope so…

    • AD wouldn’t stay anywhere except for the Lakers. Hence the reason Rich Paul is his agent now. Do you really think Rich Paul or AD would stay in another small market that he’s currently trying to get out of or somewhere he doesn’t want to be like his current situation? If anyone else but the Lakers trade for him he will leave in free agency forsure

  4. Naturally when I get done that is not enough not even close

  5. Courtney Lee just got traded to the Mavericks Lmaooo

  6. Ad will be a laker

  7. Use the Lord’s name in vein again and I will unsubscribe and never watch your videos again. Wonder why your not on a serious network.

  8. Milwaukee would be mental to make that trade

  9. Yes bucks should trade for Davis but keep either bledsoe or brogdon

  10. Y’all should have been posting videos on the Mavericks this whole year

    • Might just have to

  11. Dennis Schroeder is the best BackUp Guard in the League. Name me someone better??

  12. No….WCS is exactly what you described. He’s having a good year, but he’ll never be a centerpiece player. I think most Kings fans agree. That said, we like Shump because he brings some veteran leadership, but we had to send him out in a trade that you are proposing…..I think we’d do that in a heartbeat. Yet……I’m not sold that Otto Porter is all that……I think the Kings could offer less because that contract he has is heinous!!!

  13. Yes the Bucks should trade for Anthony Davis

    • would be funnn

    • It would be fun! What about the Mavericks though? They have KP now and they still have Luka Donic. They need more depth now that they’ve trade DSJ, Wes Mathews, and Deandre Jordan. Secondly though, KP won’t be back for a little bit. Is Luka supposed to do more with DSJ gone? And the other 2 gone as well. If I was the Mavs, I’d be buying

  14. what makes u think the bucks’ package is ANYWHERE NEAR the lakers’ package?

  15. Tj Warren shoots 42% from 3… but hes not a great shooter? Sure guy.

  16. Bucks will not make that trade, the Bucks have the top record in the league and have a decent Center as it is, giving away 2 starters and 2 picks for a player in a position they are set at. If the Bucks are to make a trade for a star then it’s Beal, gard is where they most need help.