Los Angeles Lakers



  1. Nowinski

  2. Speak it RB

  3. melo to philly plz

  4. WhY Do yOu OnLy coVeR The LaKers!? Lmao just playin, another good vid RB

  5. Man my team just took a L against the celtics SMH

  6. As a true basketball fan. I agree with chuck. The league is not competitive bcuz they allowed lebron to start this weak era.

    Look at the gsw, they r what they r bcuz lebron started this weak era. Gsw is guaranteed to win until they disband.

    Thats why im a big fan of the greek freak, he dont give a fk about joining up like lebron. he wants to win the right way like all the greats.

  7. Who needs espn when u have RBTthebreakthrough


  9. Barkley is a ‘ company” man, a yaser boss and he left to join what he thought was a super team they just didn’t win!

  10. I think about Isiah Thomas when it come to player choosing there own destiny because the teams they play for don’t show loyalty the GM’s are only in it for the money and their franchise they don’t care about the players so the players have to take a stand and go where they want to go to be happy at the end of the day just remember Isaiah Thomas played when his sister died when is Hip was messed up I lost all that money to be loyal to a franchise that just threw him away and he’ll never be the same and he can’t get it back

  11. Why people forget the fact lebron did not start super teams! Jordan team was a super team! Lakers with Shaq and Kobe was a super team, Boston the truth, kg Celtics team was a super team also but hey it’s whatever! But good vids

  12. Cool name.

  13. So whoever thinks Lakers wanting another all star, besides the ONE, is collusion then your head is clouded. Every all star wants help, and these days you almost need to have more than one. Or good luck vs other multi star teams(okc, gsw,)

    • Lebron beat the warriors alone with a bunch of rookies already this year… give him another superstar there time will be over soon once the lakers get healthy and acquire there next few picks

  14. RB hit the nail on the head. When KD left OKC he took himself off of a championship level team to stack the warriors even further, that lessened the overall competition in the western conference. We need as many teams as possible that can potentially win the championship.

  15. Your thougts about Terry…spot on bruh

  16. These emotional ass videos smh

  17. Shut yo consistent ass up nobody joined a record breaking team in Miami. Maimi sucked before that.

  18. yo melo big af and i mean that in a fat way

  19. Bruh you are the best NBA reporter out there! I am a huge fan and you know your stuff! Bravo…

  20. Why wasn’t there an uproar when KG and Ray Allen joined Paul Pierce ? All 3 of them were the SUPER STARS of their OWN teams. I don’t remember ANY backlash about THAT.

  21. At the end of the day…. I still and will continue to rock with the Kings in the NBA!!! 17 years and counting!!! Nothing will change that for sure!!! My eastern conference team is the Wizards so… it is what it is !!! Good luck with your interview bro!!!

  22. Since I followed i see similar takes on news that are spread KEEP UP THE GREAT CONTENT PATS FOR SUPER BOWL that being said Warriors still win this year, Davis is acting soft wanting to leave because his moves reflect wanting more attention in a big market rather than GETTING THAT 300 MILLION DEAL WTF HE THINKING YOU CAN ASK FOR A TRADE AFTER THAT MONEY, also Ewing and Jordan both had agent that that ran the league for years so its no surprise actually its better for players to have their own agents rather than the same as everyone else (he got game).

  23. Boston is only delaying the inevitable.

  24. I’m slowly becoming a fan of this channel.
    Even in real life jobs theres something called non-compete agreements. Super teams aren’t good for the league but it’s part of the evolution of the NBA

  25. I agree with charles barkley

  26. LeBron teamed up with Wade and Bosh because of the Celtics

  27. What do you think with GSW with a superteam so u gatta build to beat them.

  28. If the bulls trade Zach I’m done with them completely

  29. Bruh thank you for giving Milwaukee the true support and love we deserve Im from Milwaukee and it makes me upset listening to Stephen A Smith disrespect us…. were going to the finals!!!!

  30. I foresee some changes in the League rules in the future to ensure small market teams some kind of chance to stay competitive when it comes to signing/making Superstars/Allstar player interested in those kind of teams…

  31. Charles is right in a way

  32. 20:42

  33. noooooooooooooooooooo………………long live lebron the goat go get ant man……..

  34. Everybody hates Luke Walton!

  35. But it was ok for Barkley’s agent to the same for him though. Oh how they forget when they ain’t playing anymore. Barkley had the same agent as Jordan and the other top 10 players he played with hall of famers

  36. Zach lavine and chris dunn are jyst average players, cmon lets be honest, tjats the best they will get, not all star status.. dudes got no handle…

  37. Charles is Right!! Enough with the FULLY STACKED SUPERTEAMS!!

  38. I bet its Glen Davis

  39. RB with the real again. Forget YouTube they need to give you an ESPN slot. Let’s cancel First Take and name the show none other than RB the Real Break Through!!

  40. Why not melo to the raps? Or lavine to the raps?

  41. How many of ya believe that Carmelo Anthony played his career to his full potential???

  42. Trade jeff Teague for lavine

  43. I click the vid to seee what you post on the video pic but you take to long to get to it

  44. Would love to see Lavine at the lakers or 76ers

  45. Great show RB. This is the only YouTube channel subscribe to. You’re definitely one of the best talking about the NBA period. I do think it’s a double standard when it comes to building a “Super Team” if executive do it know problem. If players do it’s collusion.

    Jerry West got Shaq in free agency and Kobe in a trade with the Hornets. After Kobe said he wouldn’t play for the Hornets. Joe Dumars traded for ChB, RW, RipH, and BW for the Pistons. Last but not least Supper Dan in 07 Jesus Shuttles Worth and KG going to Boston.

  46. You never talk about the jazz!!!

  47. So u saying 2008 Celtics wasn’t a super team…if that wasn’t a super team is idk what is

  48. This is why I subscribed Spitting Facts