Kristaps Porziņģis on joining the Mavericks and playing with Luka Doncic| NBA Sound

Dallas Mavericks

Kristaps Porziņģis on joining the Mavericks and playing with Luka Doncic| NBA Sound


  1. Rick Carlisle looking like he could be Jim Carey’s brother

  2. Kristaps PORZINGOD

  3. I have a video with 8.8K views!

  4. All that dough, and the owner couldn’t have worn something other than a team shirt? lol

    • Dorian Guov when people know you have that much money… what’s the point

    • Dorian Guov cant beat free clothes

    • Rich people don’t care to impress people like broke people

    • That’s why he has so much money lol

    • Mark Cuban always dresses like he’s an actual Mavs fan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything formal like a suit and tie

    • Dorian Guov Mark isn’t one of those flashy guys that likes to waste money which is why he’s so rich. He doesn’t need to impress anyone cause everyone already knows how smart and rich he is.

    • Because he has all that dough, he wears what he wants

    • I like mark cuban style compare to connor mcgregor flashy style

    • +URDeThroned only on shark tank and on espn interviews, i think. On the court, he’s indeed a Mavs fan.

    • Just to impress you? Idiot.

  5. Who here has been watching ESPN and The NBA Storyteller since 2017?

  6. jim carrey lookin mothaff

  7. Im god

  8. Ese acento andaluz! Grande KP.

  9. porzingis talks exactly like nowitski. love good white guys in nba

    • Fuck dirty dick Dirk and the Unicorn

    • Theyre soft asf. Never win mvp either. Black is the best buddy.

    • Humanity has come a long way.

    • ZombieZifiction dam we can’t even watch basketball without the shit being about race

    • SupremeBapeTV welcome to america, if you dont like it then leave but this shit is never going away.

    • Bigdyl23 wait you really think black people can be racist? Wow i can see you’re very misinformed. Try reading and researching your white history because you’re going off pure emotion. Racist and prejudice have two different meanings. This country is ran by whites and jews, not blacks. Therefore a black person could never be racist because we cant economically hinder white people from excelling in society . Does that make sense buddy?

    • +T Carlson We are talking about bball. What is your point? Are you afraid of white bball players?

    • +Mateja Tejka ight dont @ me then. Just move on..wasting my damn time with random assumptions.

    • +T Carlson Dirk won MVP in ’07

    • +T Carlson-Dirk won a regular season MVP and a Finals MVP my guy.

    • +Bigdyl23-IKR

    • +Bigdyl23-But not being racist makes too much sense. Not being a racist seems too much like the right thing so the average idiot chooses to be racist.

    • +T Carlson-Nah. Black people can’t be racist. But people in general can be idiots.

    • +T Carlson The world is bigger than just America. Stop living in the past. Just because someone else throws a racist remark does not mean you have to counter it. Half the problem with racism is reverse-racism.

  10. Mark Cuban look like he knows he done fucked up…

  11. Dallas is the new EuroLeague. Dirk ain’t retiring anymore lol. Dallas gonna be a force for the next decade

    • They about to ask him to play another season so all the young European players come. They all look up to him. Lol

    • +ツshane what they need is mqke a trade with the sixers for the rights of anzej pascenik a 7’3 litanan

    • Lmfao

    • Porzingis won’t even be in the league that long.

  12. DAYUM, KP spittin in Spanish??? This guy is a damn God

    • j0epark1 An injured prone white boi is a god? You’re a sad little asian man.

    • KP played in spain before being drafted FYI.

    • You’re just a loser that’s it.

    • Nope. Only one God. And KP can’t even stay healthy.

  13. The look on Rick’s face when he started speaking Spanish and they realize how big this is for the Dallas area Latino market. Lol

  14. Dirk gonna need to stay another season to help Kristops stay happy so he resigns

  15. KP’s Spanish is on point! dayum Unicornio!

  16. I seen the guy on the right on shark tank

  17. Fuck em

  18. Rick Carlisle’s reaction when the unicorn started speaking Spanish at 4:32 is me

  19. The other 3 guys gets no questions from the reporters… probably making them feel like some bums…

    • They tried to include them. They understand that they aren’t necessarily the biggest talking point -but they know their roles.

  20. KP english is pretty good

  21. Didn’t know porzingod speaks at least 3 languages fluently. English, spanish and latvian

    • Pain Killer pretty much every young latvian does speak few languages

    • Now you do fuck boy. Congratulations.

    • Stop calling a brittle, overrated, injury prone man who can’t even stay on the floor God. HE IS NOT GOD! You idolater.

  22. 20 years mark? They would be old by then. LOL

  23. Tim ‘uh, um and uh’ Hardaway.

  24. Michael jordan fans are the worst nba fans

  25. Is trey Burke there or nah…

  26. Gazol brothers to be traded to Dallas to add to the Euro team.

  27. Well that doesn’t mean much.

  28. Mark Cuban is out here making power moves.