New York Knicks set Franchise Record for Longest Losing Streak | Kadeem Allen Career High 25 pts

New York Knicks

New York Knicks set Franchise Record for Longest Losing Streak | Kadeem Allen Career High 25 pts


  1. To the guy in the video chat w/ the white shirt and headset – why is it that he’s putting so much blame on the coach? Are the players not held accountable for being unable to do the easiest of tasks like hitting a wide open jumper? You can only do so much with the personnel we have on the roster alongside the fact that half of the team isn’t even going to be here next season. Fizdale drew up some nice plays that got guys real good looks which obviously they didn’t hit … is that on the coach or the players for not hitting a shot they should make… I’m not saying Fizdale should be void of criticism but the players themselves should be accountable, they are the ones that are executing the plays after all.

    • U cannot keep firing head coaches. Look at the sixers with their head coach. Fiz got potential leave,him alone.

    • We are going out there with the youngest team in the league and g leaguers..we are the sixers from a few years ago..just let the kids get experience

    • Kevin Durant moves his business thirty five ventures into a NY office..

    • I’m a grown man but that guy makes me roll my eyes every time he speaks. I once read that even coach Popovich almost got fired his first season in S.A, imagine if the Spurs gave up on him.

    • Brian Williford exactly. Its only so much Fiz can do… these guys are super raw and young they need time to learn these concepts but this guy on the video chat expects to see the 2nd coming of the spurs and Popp out there ..

    • I agree homie annoying now idk if he knows basketball that much bruh

  2. Every Free Agent in the game is watching Mitchell Robinson develop . He may make NYC a place to play.

  3. Every Free Agent in the game is watching Mitchell Robinson develop . He may make NYC a place to play.The Free agent Guards for next year , Top 5 ( Hoops Hype ) Kyree, Kemba, D’Angelo Russell, Bledsoe and D Rose. One of them will want to feed him with easy lob assists. they will want to play in the Garden.

    • Hard pass on D Rose

    • +Gennadiy Kilimnik D Rose knows the Knicks, He might come back.

  4. The Knicks set a franchise record by losing 17 straight games. The NBA record is 28, will the Knicks win before they break the NBA record for losses in a row?

    • No, I see them winning against Cavs at the Garden.
      Other just wanna let you know that I love your show Bro. Now if the Knicks get #1 overall I want them to stay as far away from glass man AD as humanly possible. All the fans who call for AD trade are out of their minds. Good teams come at you with waves and some fans are propposing to trade our young depth for AD. Hell No!

  5. Yo this guy gotta stop wit the fizdale slander like bruh how is it not the players this is the youngest team omg it’s like every night wit this guy he always whining about the coach we got the youngest team Jesus Christ when ur starting a 19 year old and a bunch of kids this is what happens he needs to stop wit the madness

    • State Of The New York Knicks podcast Podcast right? He harps on Fizdale for the poor defense but isn’t it the players that should be criticized for not being able to understand key concepts to their defense? They even said themselves that communication on D has been a problem… that’s a player error not coaching error.

    • its over reaction typical knicks. lets fire another coach and have dysfunction continue, even though its clearly a tank. how foolish is it to be in a clear tank and judge the coach based on wins? lol

    • Nick Dreezy well it’s annoying to come here and listen to him for at least 10 min complain about stuff we already know like dude this team has no talent like chill it’s just annoying like he doesn’t know basketball

    • State Of The New York Knicks podcast Podcast agreed. I’m sure he knows basketball but it’s like dude … you’re not putting any of us on game at all … we know … you’re just be a pessimistic lame

  6. Guierllmo is DEPRESSING, dude does NOT want to look at anything positive. A true Debbie downer

    • idk how hes made it through the last 20 years. the knicks have been a joke since y2k.

    • He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  7. i dont get some of your priorities. Constantly complaining about fiz. you know we are in a tank. We are clearly not trying to win games. to say hes a bad coach is foolish. so your constantly on his coaching but then the kp situation., something that could have a drastic impact on this franchise for the next 12 to 14 years and you all just sweep that under the bridge. Its knicks fault he got disgruntled, its knicks fault we had the bad contracts we had to get out off. that trade is going to effect this franchise one way or the other for next decade plus. but lets focus on our coach not winning games in a clear tank. like idk seems silly to me.

    • You’re right it is the Knicks fault if we really get down to the root of the problem BUT our current front office is only trying to fix what the previous regime has done and id say they did a fine job in finding a team willing to take KP, 2 bad contracts, 2 first round picks, while giving up a young player. Also, I agree with the coaching debate, seems inconsistent.

    • +Nick Dreezy i agree its a new regime but players like kp dont grow on trees. If we dont get Durant plus another all star that trade was devastating. yet these knick fans are quick to accept what ever this team gives us and focuses on smaller things. like winning games in a tank

    • Jose Reyes well considering that KP had to be pushed to the edge in terms of him being unhappy which I assume because he asked the FO to trade him but I would not want to risk an irreparable relationship being the cause of receiving nothing for KP when he hits FA the following year. I still think it’s a win-win trade

  8. so guierllmo wants us to be 20-36 instead of 10-46. wtf is the difference? thats typical knicks still be terrible and unwatchable but just good enough for the 8th pick instead of the 2nd. whats the point? stop complaning bro lol

  9. wouldnt you rather play your young 20 year old center in crunch time gain experience over the veteran jordon you got back as a expiring contract who may be gone in year? i thought we wanted growth? where do you think its going to come from? i dont get these debates.

    • Man I agree with all your points, but deep down I am scared that Knicks will do ultimate Knicks move and trade Zion if we get him for glass man Davis

  10. ill send a message to all of you. We ARE tanking. we are trying to lose as much as possible and get the first pick. It is clear. Its one year. We are trying to reward our losing with the number 1 pick. It has been 20 years of losing and dysfunction anyway. what is another half season going to do? If you are all fine with continuing the cycle the knicks have been on thats fine, but im not. heres another thing. Dont worry about being embarresed with the record losing streak. The knicks are already a embarresment to the league. I can list the reasons. This is the cold reality of a knicks fan. just suck it up and deal with it for the rest of the year lol.

  11. i hope franks confidence dosent go down with mudiay. i hope franks confidence dosent go down because of allen. i hope franks confidence dosent go down with fiz benching. i hope franks confidence dosent go down w his slow start. like how long are we going to baby the kid? dude is bench player at best.

    • lol i couldn’t agree more well said and also weather is confidence goes down or not he’s placed on the bench cuz all his teammates out play him in practice for his minutes. frank is just meant for soccer not NBA

  12. Trade Dennis Smith Jr To Phoenix Suns For Their First Round Pick . ( JA MORANT )   With Our Pick  Barrett or Ehh ( CANT SHOOT A LICK ZION ) 10 mil for a guy who cant shoot. Trade Zion  package  for AD Since Knicks are so DESPERATELY STARVING and have to spend all their money 123 . All this smells like Dolan and his PUPPET MILLS . URGH . No Wonder No one wants to really come here.  Love Morant This Team needs a STUD PG that it hasn’t had in 200 years !

  13. Knick fans can we all agree to allow our players to develop and trust the process “FOR ONCE”

  14. This might be the dumbest chat room Ive ever seen. These comments are outta control.

  15. Kadeem Allen is 26 lets not jump out the window. He is playing well lets see where he is over a stretch. Ppl have to stop being so quick to judge.

  16. Play DSJ and Frank as a backcourt. 2nd unit Allen and DOT.

  17. Franks success will be predicated on the type of players added to this team. Playing with better players will speed up his development

  18. I still hear guys saying we have to trade for AD. I guess they forgot the whole Melo deal when we gutted the team for him. That didn’t work out to well for us.

    • AD a better player and 25 but I agree I would only trade for AD if we already have 2 star max free agents on lock other than that I wouldn’t

  19. Fiz is the looser. watch out.

  20. Send Frank to G League its a confidence thing with that guy and how would it hurt his development if he goes down there and dominates he can only improve. it’s like sending a baseball player to the minor leagues don’t you see that.. Smh

  21. It’s crazy to want to win games now. We need Zion, or Barrett or Ja, or someone who can make a difference next year. Right now losing IS winning. It may be hard to take, but we got rid of all the players we needed to move. We are going in the right direction. I’m sure mgt. wants to continue losing. So keep starting Dotson, Hezonja and Knox. Give Frank a lot of minutes and we will be fine, as we win the race for the bottom.

  22. He’s so annoying man……he really don’t know basketball like that this guy guermo w.e. His name he always crying about fizdale and talking Greg pop like pop didn’t tank a season….pop took years to get good……his whining is really annoying bruh

  23. people still dont understand the Hardaway signing smh. if we signed him for 14 we only would shed 14 for FA. we sign for 17.5 gives us 3.5 xtra back in space. space we need now.if he outayed his contract we keep him cheap/gunz n butter. think farther…

  24. Kadeem performance just show us,that Fizz is doing perfect his job, surely he will know what t do with Frank, Mud and DSj

  25. this is the same knicks that signed tim hardaway there def gonna force kemba and tobias on us and after a day or 2 the fans are gonna be on board and drink that knicks koolaid too

  26. Fizdale has shown nothing but ineptitude this season. I still have some hope that with better players, we’ll see a better coach, but I really think there is a chance this guy does not have what it takes to coach on either side of the ball. This is pathetic