San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis Grizzlies Prediction, 2/12/2019: Grizzlies vs Spurs Preview and Pick

Memphis Grizzlies

San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis Grizzlies Prediction, 2/12/2019: Grizzlies vs Spurs Preview and Pick


  1. I took your Duke got’em at -6.5

    • Nice job, Steve. I think that’s very solid. GL tonight.

  2. going with these picks too. i really need to stop making my own picks i unless they’re live cuz i went 0-2 two days in a row

    • Lmao

    • It happens to the best of us, my friend. When you’re running hot, you can do no wrong and when you’re not, well, you know. GL tonight, brother.

  3. How do I get a shirt

    • I just checked and there are plans in the works. We have a very limited number right now but we are using them to reward the Premium members who sign up for 90 days or more.

  4. How much are the premium picks

  5. I’m taking the Lakers -5.5 and performance on LeBron tailing you on the Kansas state and Duke

    • I like anything related to Atlanta playing bad defense. GL tonight, my friend, thanks for sharing your picks.

  6. Good Monday finally on the month, No losses last night. Thx AA for the grubs/sniffs on NC Central, cha ching! Grabbed Sixers last night, Irving is out I believe and something’s not right in locker room! Watch Em’. I like your picks, may tease all 3 to get Over in teens! I’ll post picks later. Thx W&W/Everybody and Good Luck!

    • Glad you got NC central Cody! GL tonight!!

    • Thanks, Cody. And, yes, a special shout out to AA and his grubtastic under the radar plays.

  7. memphis 1st Half +1.5, Davidson -7.5, Akron +8

    • Big fan of your 2nd and 3 picks….missed Davidson at 7 last night…bit scared of the hook..they have been gouging me in Feb. Same game with Akron…missed it at 8 ..hoping it gets there again..and I will sniff it up. GL tonight!

  8. Gotta take United today. Psg has too many injuries and if I’m not mistaking have troubles giving up waaaay to many goals as of late. Also even though KY is going to final 4 I think LSU will cover the number.

    • P.s. I’ve been a fan of W.W for years now. Thanks guys.

    • Be careful of PSG tho Mbappe is still there and the are the Giants of France. Man United pick em would be my bet if I had a gun to my head but I feel Over 2 1/2 at -131 or BTTS at -160 are both better plays… The combined bet is -105 which seems like great value…

  9. I gotta fade you on the Spurs buddy. Memphis isn’t a good team, and that’s exactly what the Spurs need to get them back on track. I’m all over the Spurs tonight.

  10. Hey Scott….when u handy cap hockey how much do u factor that crap point rule in the NHL? (For the over / under) mainly.

  11. Free picks are is what it is

    • If ya donot like them donot play them. Simple as that.

    • Pretty tasty a good chili…he has went 11-5 on the freebies…& 2 out of 3 good sniffs in my humble opinion today…. I will take 66% any day & everyday.. GL.

  12. I’m cool not

  13. took baylor/sac. st./ lost on kansas

  14. Was curious to look at the site and dude picked all unders in the NBA. Errr… you pick some overs at least

  15. Tailed ya on Memphis +4
    Tailed ya on Kansas st over 124
    Not taking Duke because sharps knocked it up to -8.5
    My own pick is Maquette -3.5
    GL everyone!

  16. I like Memphis as well as a home dog, on other hand I’m too nervous to touch this game because you never know what POP has up his sleeve, I’ve seen him create hard times for some of the best team’s, not saying it’s going to happen here I just don’t feel it

  17. I was one pick away from cashing out.. had 4/5 the only one I lost was the only one I picked from you , you let me down lol

  18. Hey scott, how do you feel about the KU LSU game?? Lsu hasn’t played a top 10 team all year while Kentucky has been great at home this year, I think Kentucky is to much to handle and can cover the 8.5

    Parlay Golden State, Duke, and Kentucky … easy moneyyyy

    • U realize if I’m not mistaking LSU has best my like 7/10 ?

    • +Clayton Evins ??

    • I like Kentucky here because they actually have beaten a few ranked teams by 8 or more already this year. Add in home court advantage and I think they get it done. I’m probably gonna take them at -8

  19. Boston at Philadelphia over226.

  20. Duke -8 Maryland +2.5 Memphis +4.5 76ers over 225 K-State over 123 and Badgers under 134.5 GL everyone!!

  21. Thanks for the picks
    Win 16 Team Parlay
    Win 2/11/19 7:05pm NBA Basketball 552 Detroit Pistons -240* vs Washington Wizards
    Win 2/11/19 7:05pm NBA Basketball 556 Indiana Pacers -220* vs Charlotte Hornets
    Win 2/11/19 7:35pm NBA Basketball 558 Toronto Raptors -550* vs Brooklyn Nets
    Win 2/11/19 8:05pm NBA Basketball 560 Oklahoma City Thunder -250* vs Portland Trail Blazers
    Win 2/11/19 8:05pm NBA Basketball 562 Houston Rockets -550* vs Dallas Mavericks
    Win 2/11/19 8:05pm NBA Basketball 563 Milwaukee Bucks -850* vs Chicago Bulls
    Win 2/11/19 9:05pm NBA Basketball 568 Denver Nuggets -600* vs Miami Heat
    Win 2/11/19 7:30pm College Extra Basketball 1662 North Carolina A&T -1350* vs Maryland-Eastern Shore
    Win 2/11/19 7:30pm College Extra Basketball 1664 North Carolina Central -800* vs Delaware State
    Win 2/11/19 8:30pm College Extra Basketball 1672 Alabama State -700* vs Mississippi Valley State
    Win 2/11/19 7:00pm College Women Basketball 2002 Connecticut – Women -1600* vs South Carolina – Women
    Win 2/12/19 8:30am International Clubs Basketball 15324 Astana -900* vs Zielona Gora
    Win 2/11/19 7:00pm Argentina Basketball 10020 San Lorenzo -505* vs Regatas
    Win 2/11/19 7:30pm Argentina Basketball 10024 Libertad -580* vs Argentino
    Win 2/11/19 8:00pm Argentina Basketball 10026 Quimsa -1135* vs Weber Bahia
    Win 2/11/19 5:10pm Brazil Basketball 10444 Franca -1390* vs Brasilia

  22. Tail Kst over
    Teaser: 76ers O 220, Spurs +1, GS Over 222, k st over 118,
    Parlay Duke -8, Over 153
    76ers Over 225
    MU-PSG Over 2.5

    Good luck!!!

  23. Good afternoon Scott! You definitely are charming! This is coming second hand. I have some inside scoop! lol GL today brother!

  24. Shallow thoughts on the deep 3-
    Memphis +4.5 – I have had too many grubs from poking the bears this year…bit tentative to ride one.. pass

    Kstate over 123 – sniff sniff…do I sniff a 128- 132ish …I do I do..tail

    Duke -8.. I like the team…like the logic…face first into the grub mound.

    Aardvark sniffs-
    Akron 1st half. under 68.5- some super capper showed the light here…and I think the well still has water.

    Texas AM under 148.5- I have it at 141ish.. under is 7-0 last 7 meetings…Aggies need this to get into an ugly alley fight to have a chance to get it done..

    GL all!

  25. Drake +5.5 at SIU. Drake is playing well overall and ATS. Might even ML them also

  26. I agree with this guy below, I’m hammering the Spurs tonight. On a road skid and they need ot get a win on this trip. I think they cover 3.5

  27. Tailing the deep 3! Also like KY, waiting til close to tip as i feel the numbers goes lower then -8, but even at that number its a good play! Tremont will get his but Skyler Mayes is to unpredictable on the road for me to play the Tigers!>> LSU doesn’t shoot well from the floor and w/o 15 from Mayes they will loose with Ky pulling away at the end> GL ALL! Thank you Scott for your daily insight. I will be signing up for the premium plays.